Demon Turf
Image: Playtonic Games

Demon Turf, released back in 2021, may have arrived on multiple platforms, but it's one of those games that just belongs on the Switch, right? It's got that 'Nintendo' flair and this was only solidified early in 2022 when the standalone expansion, Demon Turf: Neon Splash, released to rave reviews (including our own!).

Wouldn't it be cool, though, if you could play it on another Nintendo handheld system? Say... maybe the Nintendo DS? Well, you can! As announced by developer Fabraz over on Twitter, you can download a 'demake' of the game for the DS via the Demon Turf Discord server right now.

Shortly after, Fabraz posted a picture of the game running on the 3DS (courtesy of Discord user EmiSocks), proving that yes, it all works, and yes, it looks pretty darn good for a DS game, too!

If you're unable to play the game on the DS, then the OG Switch version will do you just fine. We gave the original game an 8/10 in our review, heaping praise on the platforming controls but criticising the poor combat mechanics. We'd probably recommend you check out the Neon Splash follow-up over the original, if only for its brave decision to ditch the combat entirely for a razor-sharp platforming experience.

Let us know if you plan to download the DS 'demake' of Demon Turf, and what you make of it in the comments below!