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Image: Nintendo Life

We all know how incredible the GameCube controller is, right? Heck, there's a reason so many people still prefer to use it for franchises such as Super Smash Bros.; it's awesome. If you've seen the prototype design of the controller, however, then you'll know that the early design was uhh... different? No, that's not the right word... Awful, there we go.

It's odd, because in terms of form factor, there's little that's actually changed from the prototype to the final retail product, but one glance will tell you that small changes can make a tonne of difference. Take the width, for example: you can see that the prototype controller is significantly wider than the retail model, with a more prominent gap between the d-pad and the c-stick. In addition, the handles either side are more pronounced, making the prototype look more like a boomerang than the controller we all know and love.

If you haven't seen one before, then you need to check out this beautiful collection from the Twitter page of console database ConsoleVariations. It owns not just one, but five GameCube prototype controllers, in addition to the GameCube dev kits and firmware discs.

Pretty impressive, right? If you look closely, you'll also see a prototype N64 console at the bottom of the image, showcasing a lovely colour that we kinda wish made it to retail.

Cast your mind back a few years, you might also remember that a prototype Wii Remote and Nunchuck was made for the GameCube, complete with a wire that plugged directly into the console itself and a sensor bar that plugged into the memory card slot. We're not sure which is cooler, the GameCube prototype, or the Wii prototype..! Hmm.

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