Inteleon Four Foot Plush
Image: The Pokémon Company

The starter trio for Pokémon Sword & Shield are a pretty unusual bunch. You have Rillaboom, a taiko-drumming gorilla; Cinderace, a soccer-playing bunny; and lastly, Inteleon, a secret agent. Inteleon quickly became a pretty meme-able Pokémon back when the games were released in 2019, but we think it's time to give this lanky lizard some more time in the spotlight.

And The Pokémon Center in Japan seems to agree because it's just announced a four-foot-tall Inteleon plush. Yes, that's right — at around 120cm tall, this plush is almost four feet tall. Nintendo Soup shared details of the plush, which will be made to order, as well as fully posable.

And, look, we have nothing against Intelon at all — it's a really fun, creative Pokémon — but look at these press shots and tell us that you don't feel threatened.

Those eyes seem so smug all the time! But it's like Intelon is always watching us, always staring us down, ready to take us out of we make so much as a wrong move.

The fact that you can pose it too so it looks like it's sitting down, chilling out with a cup of coffee? Hmm. Okay, that could be a lot of fun. But we're definitely wary of those eyes...

Currently, the plush is only available in Japan, and it's scheduled to be shipped out to willing buyers in January 2023. And if you want one, then you need to get in quick, as pre-orders are open until 21st August! And who knows, perhaps Inteleon could make for a good friend for our favourite little round buddy?

For all of us not living in Japan, there is thankfully a (much smaller) alternative. This 18-inch Inteleon plush is available to buy right now:

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What do you think of this giant Inteleon plush? Are you feeling just as threatened as we are by that steely gaze? Sneak into the comments and let us know!