Redd's Art

Usually, when we report on figurines, the bits of plastic in question have something to do with games. Not so with GoodSmile's latest bouquet of lads, who are all figures from iconic statues and paintings, from the Venus de Milo to The Thinker.

What's remarkable about them is the photos. Someone at GoodSmile has clearly had a whale of a time showing off the poseable figurines, because every single one features the character in question in some utterly ludicrous positions... almost like the fake art that Animal Crossing's Redd attempts to sell you.


The statues are all being sold as part of GoodSmile's "Table Museum" collection, which are available on their site right here. The statues — some of which come with extra accessories, like Venus de Milo's lost arms or Botticelli's Venus option for windswept hair — cost anywhere from 4,378 yen ($38 / £26.50) for smaller figurines to 14,300 yen ($104.50 / £86.50) to larger ones.

Some are resales of older figurines, like the Terracotta Warrior, which has been on the site since May, 2021, and The Ghost of Oyuki being available since November 2018, but many are new, and destined for release in 2022 or 2023.

Listen, all we'll say is that you should probably have our Fake Art Guide up if you want to buy any of these. We take no responsibility for swindles, forgeries, cons or hustles at Nintendo Life.