Ocarina Of Time Deku Tree Link
Image: Nintendo

What's your dream PC build? The best specs, graphics, something that lights up with pretty rainbow colours? But surely it's going to be something minimalistic, right?

Well, the latest project for gaming PC builder 1YardLoss was anything but minimalist, but it's certainly a Nintendo fan's dream — particular a Zelda fan. 1YardLoss was commissioned to build the perfect Zelda-inspired PC unit, and they did not disappoint with the final product. GameSpot spotted the build over on Reddit and shared the results for us all to see:

1YardLoss hasn't missed a beat in this build. The front of the PC looks just like the Deku Tree, and inside there are miniature versions of many of Link's iconic weapons, from the Hylian Shield, various versions of the Master Sword, and the hookshot! Navi has also got a little bit of space to flutter around inside there too.

You might think there's a bit too much in there, but 1YardLoss has confirmed there's a water cooling unit in the machine. But aside from the abundant Ocarina of Time references, you can also spot some NES Legend of Zelda in there too. Basically, it's a fan's playground. We also love the green lighting inside.

There's a lot going on there, isn't there? And 1YardLoss has admitted that he would do a few things differently if he made another Zelda-inspired unit. Perhaps we can bundle some money up together among the staff here...

This isn't the only video game PC 1YardLoss has built. The enthusiast was also commissioned to build a Final Fantasy VII-themed PC. But hey, in this instance, at least you can play Final Fantasy VII and Remake on PC officially! But at least 1YardLoss' machine is the perfect machine to play the unofficial Ocarina of Time PC port on.

What do you think of this custom PC? What would you commission if you could get a Nintendo-themed computer? Let us know!

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