Company Guide
Image: @NintendoMemo

Ever since 1999, Nintendo has provided prospective employees with a yearly handbook which details what it is like to work for the company with the help of some exclusive pictures. From peel-off covers to pop-up pages, these guides have always taken creativity to the next level and 2022's booklet is no exception.

Showcased on Twitter by @NintendoMemo, this year's guide takes on the theme of aviation and travel. If there's one thing that can pull us back 'round to the trials of commercial air travel after the last couple of years, it's a Mario-themed passport bundle.

Comprised of a boarding pass, 'have a nice trip' message card, passport booklet, and a usable passport holder, this company guide is sure to be enough to make even the smallest collectors drool. Such bundles are reserved for potential employees only, though we do understand that resell values on auction sites can be particularly high.

Unlike previous company guides (and we recommend checking out Before Mario's blog post for full information on prior years) the passport structure of the 2022 booklet provides a far more compact summary of what it's like to work at Nintendo. The Visa pages are a personal favourite of ours — with each stamp creatively showing the release date of some of the company's most popular releases- Who said history can't be fun?

While for the past few years air travel has seemed worlds away, this Nintendo guide has us ready to leap back onto a plane. Do British Airways accept giant gold coins as payment?

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