Splatoon 3
Image: Nintendo

Given that the developer of Nintendo's hit multiplayer franchise Splatoon is, uh... Nintendo, you would think that the publisher would know pretty much everything there is to know about it.

Well, not quite...

As reported by Automaton, Nintendo hosted a Zenkoku Issei Splatoon Quiz (Nationwide Splatoon Quiz) in Japan between July 23rd and 24th, during which Splatoon fans could participate via their smartphones. A total of four quiz events were held: two per day in the afternoon and evening. Each quiz consisted of thirty Splatoon-related questions and players gained points based on both correct answers and the speed at which they were answered.

It turns out, however, that Nintendo itself got one of its own questions wrong, forcing the publisher to issue an apology to participants and postpone the worldwide rankings to ensure fairness. The question itself was “Which piece of gear decorates the back of the headgear shop?”, with the correct answer being the Sennyu Bon Bon Beanie. The problem, however, is that the quiz wrongly claimed that the Sporty Bobble hat was the correct answer, when in fact none of the four options provided to players were right.

Splatoon Hats
Image: Nintendo

Twitter users were quick to point out the mistake, leading to Nintendo issuing an apology, which you can read right here via a translation tool.

Nintendo is, of course, gearing up for the launch of the eagerly anticipated Splatoon 3 on September 9th, 2022. It recently showed off the brand new Home icon for the game, which proved to be a lovely throwback to Splatoon 2's design. The company also recently unveiled a special edition OLED Console adorned with lovely Splatoon 3 colours, alongside a brand new Pro Controller.

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