Right, get this — you're out on a nice date with your girlfriend until, annoyingly, you get horribly murdered by a crime syndicate. Now you're a ghost, and you have to team up with your girlfriend's dad to rescue her from said syndicate, but wait! There's more! The syndicate are one step ahead of you, because they're researching ghosts... and they need your girlfriend's dad, a leading, uh, ghost scientist, to help them!

That's the plot of arcade-turned-Game Boy game, Avenging Spirit, which has just been announced as an upcoming Switch re-release. You may have seen Avenging Spirit on the site quite recently, as it was also the subject of a snazzy physical Game Boy release courtesy of Retro-Bit.

As the ghost-protagonist (poltergonist?), you'll have to possess a number of different characters (including gangsters, robots, and vampires) and use their powers, Kirby-style, to fight through six stages, infiltrate the syndicate's base, rescue your boo, and impress your future father-in-law.

Avenging Spirit will be available on the Nintendo eShop alongside other console releases for $5.99 on the 29th July, 2022.