A brand new trailer for Bayonetta 3 has been release, confirming that the game will launch on October 28th, 2022.

The trailer itself features familiar characters along with a brand new playable character called Viola. It also looks like Bayonetta will be able to dress up in various absurd costumes as she battles a new human-made threat known as the "Homunculi".

A Bounty of Bayonettas: Meet a veritable coven of Bayonettas, each more fabulous than the last, while fighting through the streets of Tokyo, the mountains of China and beyond! Along the way, find out if this arcane alliance can really save humanity and what fate awaits this bunch of Bayonettas.

Rough Up Rivals as Viola: In addition to Bayonetta, players will also control the feisty witch-in-training Viola, who is ready to unleash hell on the Homunculi with her sword and her capricious companion, the feline demon Cheshire.

Nintendo has also confirmed a special edition of the game for retail which will include an art book and three reversible sleeves for the entire Bayonetta trilogy, with more details and pre-order information confirmed for the future:

A Trinity Masquerade Edition will also be available via select retailers and the My Nintendo Store! Get up close and personal with the beauties and beasts of Bayonetta 3 with a full-color 200-page art book, and display the whole Bayonetta trilogy with three reversible game cases, one for each title*, that combine to form stunning panoramic artwork. More details about the Trinity Masquerade Edition and pre-orders will be revealed in the future.

Bayonetta Trinity
Image: Nintendo

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