Publisher Assemble Entertainment has confirmed a release date for its upcoming action RPG title XEL, with the game heading to switch on July 14th, 2022.

The game has previously been described as a "love letter" to classic Legend of Zelda titles, with isometric gameplay featuring dungeons, deadly beasts, and a cast of unique characters to converse with.

Here's a breakdown of XEL's gameplay features:

- A classic top-down 3D action-adventure awaits
- XEL offers a well-crafted combat system with dodging, parrying and gadgets.
- Upgrade your weapon, shield and gadgets to kick even more ass
- Unique abilities will let you jump through time to traverse prior inaccessible areas or encounter foes in a weaker state and bend the rules of space
- The dungeons and puzzles in XEL will put your wits as well as your guts to the test

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