Image: Krome Studios

Krome Studios, the developer behind the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger franchise, has announced that it has a brand new project lined up for the Switch. Not much info has been provided as of yet, as the project has pretty much just hit the ground running, but the studio has confirmed that it is not related to Ty the Tasmanian Tiger.

Here's the announcement itself from a developer post:

There IS something big brewing for next year. The ink is fresh on the page. The project is just kicking off. Here's what we can share. It's not a TY the Tasmanian Tiger game.

We're excited that we've signed a new project, for a new Nintendo Switch game, and we look forward to the day in the distant future when it is named and fully announced.

In summary, Krome Studios is working on a new release for Nintendo Switch from our own catalog. We also have a brand new Nintendo Switch project now in development with a great publishing partner.

So there you have it! It sounds like it may be quite a while before we find out exactly what this new project entails; the words 'distant future' certainly suggests that the studio will likely be going quiet for at least the remainder of 2022.

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