Super Mario Odyssey Multiplayer Mod With 10 Marios inside the space ship
Image: CraftyBoss

Do you know what's missing from Super Mario Odyssey? More Marios. At least, that's what CraftyBoss thought about the game, so the team has worked to create a brand new mod that adds a brand new multiplayer mode to the game. And it lets you and up to 10 friends all play as Mario. That's 10 times the Mario power in one of the best Super Mario games ever!

As reported by VGC, the mod — while having just been released — is still under development, and CraftyBoss is taking feedback on the mod as well as ideas for brand new additions.

As it stands, the mod doesn't just let you play with up to 10 people online, but it also allows you to play through the game together, sharing Moon collection between all of you, making level progression even quicker.

Here's a summary of what the mod currently offers:

Have fun exploring kingdoms with friends, playing game modes, or beating the game as fast as possible! This mod is still early in development, so expect bugs and un-refined aspects as we work hard to improve it and make the mod as polished as possible.

- Explore Kingdoms together with up to 10 People
- Almost every capture in the game is synced between players
- Full 2D and Costume models syncing
- Moon Collection is shared between all players
- Custom Configuration Menu (Accessible by holding ZL and selecting any option in the pause/start menu)
- Support for custom Gamemodes (WIP)

While this helps with collecting some of those more-random Power Moons you might come across, the real joy is the potential chaos you can create with all of Cappy's abilities. 10 Marios also means 10 Cappys after all, so you can come up with some silly games.

Some of these abilities — like the frog, the dinosaur, and the Hammer Bros — are shown off in this delightful trailer created by Super Mario Odyssey speedrunner and YouTuber SmallAnt. Check it out below!

What do you think of the mod? Let us know if you think 10 players would make Super Mario Odyssey even more fun in the comments!