Bitmap Soft is continuing its noble crusade in producing brand new physical titles for the Game Boy, and its latest entry is a rather charming side-scrolling platformer from developer Max Oakland.

Ruby & Rusty - Save the Crows is available to pre-order from Bitmap Soft right now, with the company pledging to fulfil orders within six weeks. It will come complete with a full colour manual, but if you're one of the first 100 customers to pre-order, you'll also bag an original soundtrack on CD and a sticker sheet.

The game will work on Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Pocket, and Game Boy Light. Pre-orders cost £40 with an additional fee for postage.

Here's a look at the story synopsis from Bitmap Soft:

One Halloween, Ma and Pa put a goofy witch costume on the scarecrow. Unfortunately, that turned the scarecrow into an evil monster who took the job of scaring crows way too far.

Ruby and Rusty are two vegetables that grew into children and they’ve been friends with the crows for a long time. They’re not going to let the scarecrow get away with it! So they decided to go around the farm and find all the crows to make them feel better. And hopefully defeat the evil scarecrow at the same time, or at least give it its old clothes back

Will you be adding Ruby & Rusty - Save the Crows to your Game Boy collection? Let us know in the comments below.