Rowlet Armchair
Image: Cellutane

We've likely said that Pokémon gets the best merchandise before, but today, we want to hammer home that point a little bit more. Japanese company Cellutane has revealed a brand new Pokémon chair based on the Grass-type starter from generation 7, Rowlet.

The armchair features all of the adorable owl Pokémon's key features, from the little leaf-like bow tie, its beak, and its big black eyes, and it's a cosy 90cm wide, so it's perfect for snuggling! The seat is stuffed with foam and polystyrene beads, and the cover is extremely soft.

Rowlet joins Ditto, Gengar, and Snorlax in Cellutane's sofa range, so if you have the others, this might be worth adding to the collection!

Sadly, the armchair — stocked by Rakuten — cannot be shipped abroad. So if you're really desperate and live outside of Japan, you'll have to find another way to get Rowlet to fly across the ocean. Which is a shame, because we're in love!

Well, we can hope that one day the Pokémon Centre will get some more furniture-like stuff just like this!

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