Chrono Trigger Crono Box Art
Image: Square Enix

There's pretty much an endless list of fighters people want to see in Smash — Geno from Super Mario RPG (the Mii costume doesn't count!); Isaac from Golden Sun (we know he's an Assist Trophy!); Dante from Devil May Cry; Phoenix Wright from the Ace Attorney series.

This is just a tiny handful of dream additions people wanted to see. And while Sora from Kingdom Hearts ultimately rounded out the roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it didn't stop people from dreaming. But why dream when you can create mods and bring whatever character you want into the game!

That's exactly what @pm_pik and a team of Smash Ultimate modders have done, using their skills to bring Chrono Trigger's protagonist Crono to the fight. This mod is actually a skin for Dragon Quest's Hero — which makes sense as Crono and the Dragon Quest series characters share the same character designer, Akira Toriyama. But this mod goes beyond just simply creating a skin for the character.

Crono looks absolutely perfect — like a model from a dream remake that we desperately want to see. And while the skin retains Hero's entire moveset, the modders have adjusted the colour of Hero's 'Magic Burst' to make it look like Chrono's level 8 Tech Luminaire.

No detail has been spared on Crono's alternate costumes either. For all seven costumes, Crono has an outfit for five of his six companions from Chrono Trigger, one for Chrono Cross' protagonist Serge, and an eighth for fellow SNES RPG Secret of Mana's Randi.

You can find even more detailed screenshots — including Crono in Metal form, Crono with Spekkio's second form, and the character using many of Hero's moves (which look pretty darn natural on Crono!) over on the download page.

But you know what the most important part is? Crono Kirby.

Let us know what you think of this gorgeous-looking mod in the comments.