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Alejandro Saab is a well known figure within the voice acting industry. He's been in the game now for several years and has voiced such characters as Leon in Pokémon Journeys: The Series, Yuri in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Jules in Final Fantasy VII Remake, among many others.

A self-proclaimed Sonic fanboy, Alejandro has now taken to Twitter to share his take on what Shadow the Hedgehog would sound like if he were to do the voice acting. We have to say, it's pretty awesome!

Check it out:

Taking classic lines from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and putting his own spin on it, Alejandro has undoubtedly captured the essence of Shadow, injecting the perfect amount of passion and rage into the performance. Needless to say, we hope SEGA is watching!

In other news, Shadow the Hedgehog was recently confirmed to appear in the upcoming Sonic Prime for Netflix, with SEGA sharing a brief glimpse at the character in a short teaser clip for their Sonic Central stream.

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What do you think of Alejandro's take on Shadow the Hedgehog? Are you hoping SEGA will make it official in the future? Let us know!