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Image: Nintendo Life / The Pokémon Company

We're pretty sure no one has asked you to compare an olive, a mouse, and a pig before. Maybe? Hopefully not. Well, that's what we want to do today.

With the latest Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trailer, not only did we get a November release date, but we also got to see some brand new 'mons besides the three new starter Pokémon! And, well, we tip our Ash Ketchum caps to Game Freak and The Pokémon Company, because from what we've seen, generation 9's roster is going to be an eclectic and pretty incredible bunch.

This new trailer brought us three new regular Pocket Monsters alongside the two starring legendaries. If you're after the full stats and a Pokédex-style rundown, check out our ongoing list of all new Pokémon we've seen in the game so far — here we're going purely on feels and instinct.

So let's get reacquainted with them!


Pawmi Pokemon Scarlet Violet
Image: The Pokémon Company

Well, here is what is most likely your 'Pikachu clone' of the generation. Every time we wonder if we need another Electric Mouse, one comes along and makes us go "awwwww!" Just look at it! Those warm little eyes radiate happiness. And we can't resist that little tuft of fur on its head — we want to just get in there and fluff it up a bit!

If we're going to be really picky, something different to electric cheek pouches could've been a nice touch.


Lechonk Pokemon Scarlet Violet
Image: The Pokémon Company

Ah, star of social media. Lechonk might just have one of the best Pokémon names ever, and we can't resist a good laugh-out-loud pun here. We could go on about Lechonk for a while here — the sad eyes, the brown marks on its face, the pink snout and toes, the tiny little tail.

Pig Pokémon have often suffered with their evolutionary lines over the years, so we hope Lechonk gets the perfect evolution it so sorely deserves, otherwise we're never evolving ours.


Image: The Pokémon Company

Food Pokémon can be a little hit and miss, but Smoliv is definitely on the sweeter side. Its jagged mouth, vacant eyes, and wobbly posture make it look very anxious — and we're going to do everything we can to protect it. Please don't try and knock it over, whatever you do.

We do want to see the little fella with a smile, though. Don't tell us that's their only expression, Game Freak, we'll worry about him until we get the game! Even if they can go a week without eating or drinking, we'll still worry!

That's a pretty strong showing after our Grass/Fire/Water starter trio, who already make a cracking first impression back in February.

The Pokémon Company are being a little more cagey on details about Scarlet and Violet's legendaries, but let's go ahead and meet them too, shall we?

Koraidon and Miraidon

Image: The Pokémon Company

Definitely two of the most interesting legendary designs we've seen for a while, with pretty striking colour palettes. All we've got to go on are the looks, and first impressions are pretty dazzling.

Koraidon, on the left, has a pretty prehistoric bird/lizard design. Is that a smug grin on its face, too? Well, with plumes like that, we'd probably be feeling pretty smug too. The mix of colours is also just right — the white and black on the body and tail, along with the blue and pink on the feathers — because it breaks up the boldness of the red.

Miraidon is much more unnatural — in a good way! Is that energy or electricity running through it? Its purple 'skin' looks metallic. It's floating. There's a lot of unusual stuff going on here that's really fun — like someone smooshed Lunala together with Zekrom and added a few robot parts. The pixelated eyes are just the icing on the cake, And we love the different shades of purple and the splashes of luminescent yellow on its body.

So, with everything we know about these new Pokémon, and a few days in our belt, we've all had a bit of time to reflect, fawn, obsess, and think about these new little (and large) critters. Have Wooloo and Morpeko been dethroned by Lechonk and Pawmi? Do Koraidon and Miraidon trounce Zacian and Zamazenta? And — what we really want to know — who's your pick of the pack for the best Pokémon from Scarlet and Violet so far?

Vote in our polls below to let us know, then have a gab about your picks in the comments! We know, it's hard, but we believe in you — you can pick!

Which of the new Pokémon revealed in the trailer is your favourite?
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