Devolver Digital
Image: Devolver Digital

We're slowly but surely starting to get more information regarding upcoming showcases surrounding the Summer Game Fest 2022 (just nothing from Nintendo yet...), and Devolver Digital has stepped out of the shadows to tease their upcoming Devolver Digital Direct 2022 showcase on June 9th at 3pm PT / 11pm BST.

In a short video posted on YouTube, the (surprisingly slick) production is little more than an amusing skit to let viewers know of their upcoming show, with a heavy emphasis on marketing-fuelled countdown timers. In a neat little surprise, however, the video ends with Suda51 himself making a brief appearance, exclaiming "what's up, nerds!". It's unclear if Suda51 will actually feature on June 9th in any capacity, but our presumption is that his appearance is strictly limited to this video.

You can check out the teaser yourself below, just be mindful that it's filled with adult humour and strong language throughout.

Are you looking forward to Devolver Digital's showcase on June 9th? What games are you hoping to see? Share your thoughts in the usual place.