Cast your mind back to last year when we took a look at The Outbound Ghost, an adorable-looking game with Paper Mario-inspired visual, while it was still on Kickstarter. Fast-forward a year later, and the game is paying homage to the Nintendo RPG series in more ways than one.

The game received a new trailer (which you can watch above) at the AG French Direct, showing off The Outbound Ghost's many gameplay systems. From the reflex-based combat to equipping badges, to a crafting system, it's a fully-fledged RPG adventure with cute characters, cheeky dialogue, and lovely visuals.

Developed by Conradical Games, The Outbound Ghost is all about a lovable, cuddly ghost (you agree with us, right?) who is trying to figure out the cause of their death. Your party is made up of 'figments', different ghosts who have different roles in combat, from healing, attacking, and defending.

Conradical Games has revealed in dev logs posted on its YouTube channel that the combat is inspired by not only the paper-crafted Mario game but Bravely Default. The 'badge' system, called 'aspects', does more than just give your characters extra skills, as it can affect how many turns your party member can take at once.

You can watch the full combat dev log down below, or browse Conradical Games' YouTube channel for short snippets of info or much longer videos that go in-depth into the game's development. The Outbound Ghost's release date is a mystery right now, but it'll join Bug Fables: The Ever Lasting Sapling and Paper Mario: The Origami King on Switch at some point this year.

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