Mario Sad
Image: YouTube / Nintendo

Upstairs in an EB Games store in Melbourne, Victoria, was a cool little experience that Nintendo fans could go and visit. Aptly named the Nintendo Experience, this upstairs section was the place to go for midnight launches, signings, Nintendo merch, and just try the newest Nintendo releases out. Sadly, last weekend, the Nintendo Experience was closed for good.

The area opened up in the EB Games on Swanston Street on 6th December 2008. Fans were greeted with retro consoles on display, and modern-day consoles hooked up to TVs so you could go with your friends to take them down at Mario Kart in public!

Vooks, Australia's biggest Nintendo community, shared some photos of the experience on Twitter.

There were weekly get-togethers like Pokémon Trading Card Fridays, and even the voice of Mario himself, Charles Martinet, paid a visit. The store was revamped back in 2018, a year after the Switch's launch, and people could try out Splatoon 2 and Starlink: Battle for Atlas, though prior to that there were comments on Reddit about concerns of the lack of Switch content.

Unfortunately, the area is now roped off, and the stock has been removed from upstairs. It's always sad when something unique like this closes, and we're sure many who were able to visit have fond memories of the place.

Vooks has reached out to Nintendo of Australia to see why the Nintendo Experience has been closed. Until we find out more, you can take a look at some photos of the store in the link below from Vooks. Also, if you had the chance to visit, share your memories with us in the comments.