Image: Peter Knetter

If we're being biased, then the Game Boy Advance SP is the best model in the Game Boy Advance series. It's sleek, elegant, came in lots of different editions, and you could put stickers on the back cover! Oh, and the backlight was cool too, we suppose.

But you know what we were missing in the GBA SP series? One made out of cardboard. That's where YouTuber Peter Knetter steps in. Peter is known for his "YouTube In" series, where he creates content on old computer operating systems or consoles, but he's also been creating life-sized Pokémon, the Kirby Car, and checking out tons of weird and wonderful video game merch.

Fans have long been creating custom Nintendo systems for years — some that glow in the dark, some even transform their flip phones into DS' — but a cardboard GBA SP sounds like it could be pretty fiddly. And Peter uses tenacity and stubbornness to get the job done.

Creating the system looks like a pretty fiddly process, as Peter first has to take the SP apart to retrieve all of the innards that make the thing work. Then he uses the shell to trace the new cover for his recyclable system, including poking holes for the speakers, the pause button, the backlight switch, etc.

To make this fully functioning, the SP obviously needs to fold, so Peter glues lots of small pieces of cardboard together to create a sort-of tube that's solid, and pokes a dowel rod through it. Okay, that's not cardboard, but we'll let him off.

Once the system is all put together, Peter turns the system on — and it makes that joyous little sound. He also plays a little bit of Tony Hawk Underground on his little cut-out system, and it's pretty successful. The little frayed cardboard edges, the janky buttons, and the fact that it's a little chunkier than an actual GBA SP just add to the charm. Colour us impressed! Though we're disappointed Peter abandons decorating his new system — you could've put a Triforce on there!

This isn't the first time Peter has made a custom game console, either. Earlier in the year, Peter turned an old Boombox into a Wii with a screen attached! And last year, he created a Switch Lite out of wood — and it looks like something you'd find in a British country mansion — as well as transforming a Hello Kitty CD player into a GameCube. We're glad he didn't fold making this new addition to his wonderful, unique console collection!

You can watch the full video on how Peter makes this cardboard creation below! And make sure to check out his channel for all of his other creations.