GoldenEye 007
Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

GoldenEye 007 for the N64 is a truly seminal video game. It was one of the first examples of the FPS genre to demonstrate just how viable it could be on consoles, with an excellent single-player campaign backed up by a multiplayer mode that's still enjoyed by many to this day.

Times, however, have moved on. Although many still yearn for local multiplayer in a world that's increasingly focused on online play, having to play via a tiny segment of a split-screen isn't the most ideal way to experience a game. Plus, you can see where everyone else is on the map!

Thankfully, the folks over at the Centre of Computing History in Cambridge have come up with a rather novel way to experience Goldeneye 007's multiplayer across four separate screens.

How exactly this has been accomplished is probably a bit beyond our technical expertise, but it looks like a single screen has been split across four displays, with each segment zoomed in to fill the entire display. Sounds simple in writing, of course, but the chap in the video states that around £8000 of equipment was needed to accomplish the feat - yikes.

The good news is you can experience this yourself if your based in the UK (or if you don't mind traveling a fair distance!). As previously reported, ex-Rare devs will be giving a talk on the 25th Anniversary of GoldenEye 007 this Saturday (May 7th) at the Centre of Computing History, and you can still get tickets now!

Do you still play GoldenEye 007? Are you happy with split-screen, or would you prefer a display similar to the above? As always, let us know in the comments.