Mario Strikers Battle League
Image: Nintendo

We all make typos from time to time — this writer should definitely know that! But when a big company makes one, it can be a source of confusion or a source of amusement. And in a rare instance, Nintendo (specifically the Japanese branch of the company) made a slight mistake that brought a smile to many people's faces.

Last week, Nintendo announced that Mario Strikers: Battle League was getting a demo so we could get some practice in before the main event hits on 10th June. As is usual with these kinds of announcements, Nintendo posts something on social media, the crowd goes wild, then — when people eventually check their inboxes — an email will be sitting there to remind them of the good news.

Nintendo followed that template to a tee and sent an email on 28th May, but with one pretty hilarious typo that combines two of Mario's favourite past times. One of our readers, skeets, made us aware of the error by sending us the subject line and providing a translation.

【体験イベント】「マリオカートストライカーズ バトルリーグ ファーストキック」開催!(6月4日~6月6日)
(Trial event) "Mario Kart Strikers: Battle League First Kick" running from June 4th to June 6th

To be honest, we completely skimmed over it when reading it the first time. Maybe because we already knew what the contents of the email covered! But, look a little closer, and Rocket League might have to consider going on the defensive in a Mario Strikers: Battle League x Mario Kart 8 Deluxe mash-up. Mario Kart Strikers is a pretty ingenious idea — given how rough the players on the pitch in Strikers and if you put them in bikes, karts, and buggies, and throw a huge ball onto a course... we're dizzy just thinking about it, and we're even a little bit sad it's not a real thing!

People hopped onto social media at the time to share their amusement with others, but many didn't even spot the issue until Nintendo issued a second email on 30th May. This follow-up was an apology from the company for the mistake and a correction. Even skeets admits that they missed the error until they read the apology. That makes us feel a bit better, at least! And hey, we all make mistakes, and the person who wrote that email is only human, just like us.

Thanks for giving us something to laugh at this morning, skeets!