Metroid Prime Logo
Image: Nintendo Life

Anyone with a background in graphic design or illustration knows just how many different iterations of a logo are required before landing on the perfect end result. It can be a taxing process, but when it comes to a massive game like Metroid Prime, the time and effort is undoubtedly worth it when you see just how influential the final product proves to be.

During a talk with YouTuber KIMI TALKZ, graphic designer Jim Wornell talks through just how many different iterations of the Metroid Prime logo he went through before landing on the right one; if you somehow skipped over the title of this article, it's 53. Yikes! You can check out the full interview in the video below; there are plenty of other fun tidbits to discover.

When asked about whether Jim enjoyed creating each and every one of those 53 iterations, this is what he had to say:

"Oh no no no, there were times where I wanted to blow my brains out. To be fair, 53 versions, yes there were 53 versions, but some of those versions were a blue ball, or a red ball, or a red ball with the 'S', or without the 'S'. Right around version 30, I was getting a little tired of it, but you know, it was a big title at the time, there were a lot of people looking at this. I understand why there were so many versions of the logo, from start to finish, you want to get it right, it's important."

He later went on to state that the logos for both Metroid Fusion and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes were easier. For Fusion, Nintendo already had a font in mind for the logo, removing a lot of the work for Jim from the get-go, and for Prime 2: Echoes, Nintendo wanted to keep the general format of the logo from the first game, but change up the colour scheme.

It goes to show just how much effort goes into all aspects of video game design, particularly for huge franchises like Metroid!

What do you make of the Metroid Prime logo design? What's your favourite from the entire franchise? Let us know!