Image: Epic Games

In an effort to maintain the purity of the French language, officials in France have banned popular gaming terms such as 'pro-gamer' and 'streamer'. Going forwards, official government communications will use more traditional terms such as 'joueur-animateur en direct' in place of 'streamer', which literally translates to 'live player-host', and the slightly more forgiving 'joueur professionnel' for 'pro-gamer', which, as you've no doubt guessed, translates to 'professional player'.

The decision was made after consultation with France's Ministry of Culture, which told AFP (French news agency 'Agence France-Presse') that the gaming sector in particularly is currently rife with specific gaming terms that may act as a "barrier to understanding" for any non-gamers.

The change is now binding for any government workers in France, though whether the change seeps out into everyday life for French citizens and its press remains fairly unlikely at this stage.

Other terms effected by the change include 'eSports', which is now 'jeu video de competition', and 'cloud gaming', which became 'jeu video en nuage'. All in all, we guess it makes sense; the French language is beautiful and words like 'eSports' don't exactly have the same... je ne sais quoi. Hey, look what we did!

What do you make this decision by French officials? Is it much ado about nothing? Let us know with a comment.

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