BlackMilk is an Australian company known for their licensed clothing and their rather tight-fitting outfits, and they've worked with Nintendo on a number of occasions to create unique game-themed prints for dresses, overalls, shirts, and more.

Their Legend of Zelda collection, which features a shiny Majora's Mask dress, a set of Wind Waker shortalls (that's overalls with shorts), and an apron dress featuring everyone's favourite nagging fairy from Ocarina of Time, has just won an award at the Licensing International Excellence Awards for "Best Licensed Product: Apparel/Accessory for an Entertainment Property".

Here are all the shortlisted finalists:

  • BlackMilk – The Legend of Zelda Collection
  • Eastpak – Peanuts Backpacks
  • OnePlus – Harry Potter Smartwatch
  • Pair Eyewear – Sesame Street Kids Glasses
  • Persol – La Casa de Papel Glasses
  • Zara – Barbie 1959 Collection
  • Zara – Playmobil Line

The rest of the awards are a little bizarre to anyone not entrenched within the world of licensing, as brands such as "Bob Marley", "Amy Winehouse", and about ten billion Harry Potter products were also nominated, but other gaming-related winners include the Xbox fridge by Ukonic, and Rovio's work with GEICO to license out Angry Birds for an advert.

You can browse BlackMilk's Zelda collection here, and they also currently have a collection for The Witcher and another one with Pokémon if you really want to show off your love for games via the medium of fashion.

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