Another announcement from Outright Games' OG Unwrapped presentation, and one that may well excite kart racing fans with kids: Paw Patrol: Grand Prix is heading to Switch on 30th September.

3DClouds is behind the wheel for this multiplatform local multiplayer racer that will feature splitscreen competitive racing for up to four players.

If you don't have kids, it doesn't matter — there's almost zero chance you won't recognise this behemoth kids franchise. The official blurb touts it as numero uno in the toy licence and kids show rankings. The game will feature 11 tracks around Adventure Bay, including locations such as 'Jake’s Snowboarding Resort' and 'the Jungle' (who could forget that one!) for up to four players to race around.

Along with local multiplayer (there's no online component), you'll be able to customise your karts with "20 stylish stickers and 20 topper items" and choose from 10 playable pups "including Chase, Ryder, Skye, Marshall and Rex, from Dino Rescue".

Here are some pertinent PR points from the official blurb, plus some screens for your perusal:

  • UP TO 4 PAW PATROL RACERS – You can play with friends in up to 4-player split screen as your favorite pups including Chase, Marshall and first disabled pup, Rex!

  • BECOME THE CHAMPION – Use power ups and boosts including water balloons, snowballs, and confetti blasts to reach pole position

  • CUSTOMISE YOUR KARTS – Make your kart more PAWsome with 20 stylish stickers and 20 topper items inspired by the show. The more you race, the more you’ll unlock!

  • MAYOR MADNESS – Avoid the tricks and obstacles Mayor Humdinger may throw on the tracks as you zoom around

We know what you're thinking — will we be asking stalwart Nintendo Life contributor and Official Nintendo Magazine legend Chris Scullion to review Paw Patrol: Grand Prix and add to his enviable list of kart racer reviews on NL? An email will be winging its way to his inbox very soon.

In the meantime, let us know your thought on PPGP below.