Publisher Chorus Worldwide has announced that Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open will be making its way to Switch and other major platforms in early 2023.

With an art style inspired by Southeast Asian paper puppetry, you'll be taking on the role of Ting as she comes of age alongside Xiu, a mysterious spirit that only Ting can see. You'll be guiding Ting through a spooky tale of ghosts and phantoms and carrying out all sorts of tasks, from the menial to the menacing.

Here's some more info from Chorus Worldwide:

A Creepy Coming Of Age Tale – A young girl battles for her mind and morality. You are Ting, a 5-year old Chinese Malaysian girl, gradually discovering how her supernatural abilities make her different from everyone else. Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open takes players on an adventure spanning five years and more, as Ting is guided and misguided by two spirits, each with their own agenda.
A Living Paper theatre – Presented in a living “paper theatre” style inspired by the paper puppetry – the shadow plays – of Southeast Asia, the beautiful, childlike aesthetic belies a darker story of a family falling apart and Ting’s role in its salvation, and the haunted house at the heart of it all.
A Malaysian Adventure – From its activities and locations, to its characters and dialogue, Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open is steeped in Malaysian tradition, culture and folklore. Visit the Morning Markets, befriend an elderly monk, feast on Apam Balika and Nyonya Kuih at the Night Market, avoid the wandering spirits of the woods, and so much more.
A Story With A PastPaper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open follows in the success of Cellar Vault Games’ original, award-winning short story, Paper Ghost Stories: 7PM. Whilst each game stands alone, they share characters, tone, and an identity, as will those which follow: they are the Paper Ghost Stories.

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