We're rather optimistic and excited about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge, which is due this Summer on Switch and pretty much every major system. Developed by Tribute Games alongside Dotemu, it's based most heavily on the 1987 cartoon / 1989 arcade, bringing the iconic original form of the IP back to life.

Dotemu has now shared a second behind-the-scenes video, and it's an excellent watch (at the top of the page). It focuses on the team's love of the series and the influences that had on the game's design - there's some exciting new footage and detail, too.

We see a cool overview map of a TMNT-style New York that you navigate in the Story mode, which also allows you to retry levels to find all the secrets. There are also all-new snippets of fresh stages, enemies and bosses - the developers are also shown playing with Pro Controllers, as a nice reminder that this is a game that should suit the Switch rather well.

It's well worth a watch - let us know what you think!

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