French video game developer DONTNOD — who you may know from games like Life is Strange, Tell Me Why, and Life is Strange 2 — have officially changed their name as of today, May 31st. Except it's less of a name change, and more of a "you people have been saying it wrong" change.

As part of a massive rebrand of the company, they announced today on their Twitter and blog that their name is now DON'T NOD, with a space and an apostrophe that weren't there before.

In their 20-second rebrand video, we can even see a sneak peek of what they might be working on next:

It’s an exciting time for us and we wanted to share our excitement with you! We have produced a reel to showcase our new logo. It’s an adaptable design and can be tailored to represent different game genres and universes, so it’s a good job we have several upcoming projects to test it out on…

The variations of the logo could hint at the projects currently in the works, and it certainly seems like at least one of them is being worked on at their newly-opened Montreal office, as the studio's Executive Producer tweeted out a cryptic response:

The blog also mentions that "Dontnodians are all working in several human-sized teams and on six exciting upcoming internal projects" across their 320-strong team.

But, uh, what does the name mean? According to their blog, it came from their desire to "represent our tendency to be non-conventional as a company and in the games we create – as in, we DON’T NOD along to everyone else’s tune."

What do you hope DON'T NOD's next game will be? Give us your hopes and predictions in the comments.