We're about ready to hop into the upcoming Kao the Kangaroo, the newest game in the anthropomorphic platforming series — and the first since 2005's Kao the Kangaroo: Mystery of the Volcano. Unlike most kangaroos, Kao lets his fists rather than his feet do the talking, and the newest trailer highlights him punching down foes with a variety of different boxing gloves.

This latest adventure — which is the third game in the series to simply be called 'Kao the Kangaroo' — sees Kao go on a journey to save his missing sister and find out about his long-lost father. On the way, he must beat the "fighting masters", famous masters of combat who have been corrupted by a dark power. It's typical 2000s platforming goodness, right down to the friends you'll make along the way.

The new trailer shows off Kao's ice fists, some magma fists, and just those plain-old shiny red boxing gloves. But the boxing kangaroo also has a wide variety of different moves to take down enemies. See for yourself in the short 'Enemies & Combat' trailer above!

We've only got just over a week to wait until Kao the Kangaroo jumps onto Switch on 27th May. Will you be grabbing the game next Friday? Let us know down below, mates!

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