The Build-A-Bear line just keeps getting better and better. If you've already picked up the latest Sonic ones, you can now refocus your attention on the Pokémon line - with the release of Grookey.

Yes, that's right - the Grass-Type monkey-like Pokémon is now available on the Build-A-Bear website in both the US and UK. It's available in a bundle priced at $65/£52 and includes a 5-in-1 sound, leaf shirt and leaf cape. It'll also be available in-store for $40/£32. Here's the full product description:

"Get into the groove with Grookey! This friendly Pokémon is sure to always stick by your side. The curious Grookey is a Grass-type Pokémon with green fur, large eyes and ears, and a curly brown tail. Pokémon Trainers will love this exclusive Grookey plush toy bundle, which includes Grookey's leaf print shirt, matching cape and 5-in-1 sound chip!"

You can see the full Pokémon Build-A-Bear range on the company's official store page. There are all sorts of pocket monsters ranging from Pikachu, Eevee evolutions to Snorlax and Snubbull.

Will you be adding Grookey to your collection? Any other Pokémon catching your eye? Let us know in the comments.

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