Update [6th May at 13:30BST]:

Capcom has published an updated customer information page (Japanese), reiterating the information from the March event that you'll need to download and install a 13GB update on 30th June in order to access online play in Monster Hunter Rise. It'll be mandatory for online services even if you don't purchase the Sunbreak expansion.

Original Article [15th March at 14:50GMT]:

Capcom today hosted a Digital Event for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the 'massive expansion'. It was full of excellent detail and footage, with the key information being that it'll launch on 30th June on Switch, with pre-orders on the eShop due to go live today. [Update: pre-orders are now live, priced at £35.99 / $39.99]

The broadcast itself was just short of 20 minutes and is well worth a watch. Below is a summary of some key details:

  • Released on 30th June, pre-orders live today.
  • Key features include new story, base, locales, monsters, and the 'Master Rank'.
  • 'Citadel' is a new environment with varied locales.
  • We had a good look at the 'Elgado' outpost, a sizable hub with an all-new cast of characters.
  • Three 'Lords' are big targets. Garangolm, a mighty fanged beast with heavy attacks. Lunagaron, a fanged wyvern that can cover its body in ice. Finally Elder Dragon Malzeno, the main monster of the expansion.
  • There'll be new wire bug moves and lots of additions to freshen up gameplay.

Capcom confirmed a few things regarding accessing the content. First is that it'll require a 13GB update on 30th June, whether you purchase Sunbreak or not (mandatory for online play). There'll also be a bundle with the base game and expansion together on sale, for those coming to Rise fresh. And yes, there'll be a physical edition that includes the expansion.

As a reminder you'll need to have cleared 7* quest 'Serpent: Goddess of Thunder' to trigger the expansion; this was the 'real ending' that arrived as a post-launch update. If you haven't got there yet, there's still time!

MH Sunbreak Amiibo.PNG
Image: Capcom

Finally three amiibo were announced, above, which will redeem special armor sets and can be scanned for daily 'lottery' plays.

Those were the key details; are you excited about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak this Summer?