Developer Aggro Crab has announced its new game Another Crab's Treasure at today's Indie World showcase. Due for release in 2023, the game is an amusing take on the 'souls-like' genre with challenging combat and a vast underwater world to explore.

Here's some info on the release from the publisher:

As Kril, players will explore an undersea society that has entered a period of garbage-fueled prosperity, and discover the dark forces of industry and pollution placing it under threat. As a Hermit Crab, Kril often changes his shell to suit his needs, and players will find various pieces of garbage of all shapes and sizes to wear as shells on their epic quest.


- Challenging yet approachable soulslike combat

- A grand undersea world to explore

- Over 50 shells to try on and fend off attackers

- Smite your enemies with powerful Umami Magic

- Way Too Many Crabs

Does Another Crab's Journey sound good to you? Are you ready for another souls-like in your life? Let us know, as always, in the comments below.