Analogue Pocket
Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

Analogue has announced that a beta update of its Analogue Pocket operating system will launch in July 2022 via an update on its official site.

The Pocket OS v1.1 (beta) will included much requested additions including beta versions of libraries, memories, and FPGA development.

Here's the full statement from Analogue:

Analogue Pocket OS v1.1 [beta] is coming in July.
We've been hard at work pushing the envelope of what Pocket is capable of for FPGA development.
We appreciate everyone's patience.

This release will include beta versions of:
- Library
- Memories
- FPGA Development

We will continue to progress Analogue OS regularly after OS v1.1 [beta] is released in July.

In our review of the Analogue Pocket, we stated that "with its solid design, excellent display and wide range of accessories, the Analogue Pocket certainly makes an excellent first impression".

Are you looking forward to trying out the OS update for the Analogue Pocket? Heck, have you actually managed to purchase the console itself? Let us know!