Have you seen those whackadoo adverts for mobile games where the sedate match-3 mechanics are apparently just the coat of paint on a story about your man-murdering grandma? Well, it looks like Wylde Flowers took the idea of "cute game + grandma with dark secrets" and ran with it, as you can see from the trailer above.

The first half of the trailer shows the protagonist learning to craft, farm, and meet all the locals, but the second half exposes granny's underground wizard cult. You can seemingly use magic to aid in your plant-growing, animal-rearing lifestyle... and maybe even help you out with dating. A host of "interested parties" are ready and willing to take you on picnics and eventually marry you, so you may not even need magic after all.

The game is fully voice-acted, including the voices of Valerie Rose Lohmann (Edith Finch, What Remains of Edith Finch), Ray Chase (Noctis, Final Fantasy XV), and Cissy Jones (Delilah, Firewatch), and is being made by a female-founded studio in Melbourne, Australia called Studio Drydock. Wylde Flowers will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop later this year.