Splatoon 3 Weapons Ready Yellow
Image: Nintendo

Splatoon 3 is in the process of being primed for its 9th September release date, and Nintendo has finally started shedding more light on what we can expect from the upcoming paint-based shooter.

Nintendo UK, specifically, gave us a glimpse at a brand new weapon being introduced to the Inklings and Octolings' third outing — the Ink Vac. This curious-looking device looks just like a leaf blower, except it sucks up paint. Y'know, because Splatoon is about colours and paint? Or ink.

Those wild eyes make it looking like they're up to something, but really, they're just demonstrating the power of the Ink Vac. The more ink the vacuum sucks up, the more powerful it gets. So not only does it work as a defensive tool — sucking up the paint your enemy is firing at you — you can then shoot it back in their faces for some sweet, sweet revenge.

Or, like in the above clip, you can aim it at your opponent's turf and paint and cover it, and the ink explodes on contact to cover a larger area.

Last week, we also got a look at the Stringer Bow as part of the release date trailer, so it looks like we'll be getting a good handful of new weapons to paint the town with.

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