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Image: Nintendo Life

This is Miyamoto. Please understand that the following information from Ollie-san is based on a leak and may not be entirely accurate. Take everything you read here with a huge grain of salt, and please look forward to the release of the Super Mario Bros. film in 2023. Peace, Ninten-dawgs.

Thanks, Miyamoto. You heard that right, folks. A leak has made its way around the internet regarding the plot and various other details for the Super Mario Bros. film, which has recently been delayed into April 2023.

The details here comes courtesy of Jeff Grubb via YouTube; you can check out the video yourselves at the bottom of the page, but please bear in mind that Jeff goes through the entirety of the plot. We won't share those details in text here on the off-chance the leak is legit. So, POTENTIAL SPOILER WARNING FOR THE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE!

That doesn't mean we won't share a few interesting tidbits regarding the film that will likely either make you even more excited, or turn you off completely.

First of all, it's apparently a musical. In a similar vein to The LEGO Movie 2, there will be various musical numbers peppered throughout the film, so if you're not particularly into that sort of thing, you might want to stay clear.

Secondly, it's said that the characters of Mario and Luigi have received slight redesigns for the film. Starting off, the brothers will be dressed in more muted colours toward the start, but will gain their more iconic red and green colours later down the line. Finally, the film is said to be similar in visual design to the Hotel Transylvania film series — fair enough!

As mentioned earlier, take these details with the biggest grain of salt possible. We've listened to the plot and, to be honest, it doesn't sound altogether plausible to us. Still, it could be real, but we'll find out for definite in April next year.

Are you looking forward to the Super Mario Bros. film? What do you make of these leaked details? Let us know!

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