All around the world middle-aged gamers are fist-pumping between slurps of tea, with confirmation that Return to Monkey Island is coming this year. Perhaps most importantly, Ron Gilbert is on board and leading the project.

Some of you may know Monkey Island more for its Telltale series on Wii, while Ron Gilbert's had high quality recent work with his studio (Terrible Toybox) bringing us Thimbleweed Park on Switch.

This new Monkey Island game is a successor to the first two point-and-click PC releases, The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, projects that were creatively led by Gilbert. There were further sequels that were well regarded, even before the Telltale titles, but some consider the first two to be the 'classics' and it's been made clear that this new game will follow on from LeChuck's Revenge.

Little has been revealed as yet beyond some of the talent involved, and the fact that Devolver Digital is publishing; platforms are unconfirmed, too.

In any case it's coming this year, so we'll no doubt see more details in the coming weeks and months. Plenty of time for us to practice our Insult Sword Fighting.