Hotel Library Sakurai
Image: @Sora_Sakurai

A week ago, 'Marufukuro', the former Nintendo HQ that has been turned into a hotel, opened to the public. Based in Kyoto, the building is hugely iconic for Nintendo fans, with many of them posing outside in front of the old sign. It's actually where the company was making playing cards and began exploring going into toys and gadgets. So it's a significant site for Nintendo's history, having been there since 1889.

Now that the hotel is open, YouTuber Cathy Cat has managed to get a guided tour around the beautiful-looking building. The guide takes Cathy Cat around the reception and the rooms.

The hotel consists of four buildings. The front building is the part everyone is familiar with, while the second - which used to be an office - was entirely rebuilt. Next to that was the old residential building, with a brand new fourth building designed and built by Tadao Ando, a famous Japanese architect.

One of the loveliest things about the hotel is just how much of the old furniture they've kept and incorporated into the design. Things like the office chairs and the clock that employees used to check in to and out of work are still there - and the latter still works! There's even a miniature replica of the hotel made out of LEGO!

The bottom right image of the library is an absolute dream. Cathy Cat gets a look at a Game Boy - which is fully functioning - and you can also spy other items like a Mario hand fan and a GameCube on the shelves too. It's not all Nintendo stuff there, but everything in the hotel feels like it's a snippet of history, respecting the past of Nintendo and Japan.

Cathy Cat isn't the only person to get a look inside the iconic Marufukoro building. Masahiro Sakurai, Mr. Smash Bros. himself, stayed at the place and took some darn lovely shots to boot, too.

How many Nintendo points do you think that planter will cost?

There's a beautiful shot of the library, as well as the outside of the front building and the plaque. This is not helping our envy at all; we really want to go, but we better get saving the pennies as rooms for two adults are around $700 a pop. But it looks like it might be well worth the money.

What do you think of the new hotel? Are you planning to take a trip to Kyoto? Let us know in the comments.

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