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Image: Legendary Pictures / The Pokémon Company

It seems almost unthinkable for a major website to leave out one of the most vital methods of site navigation in 2022. Yet after launching digital games on its online web store in December 2021, Nintendo Australia neglected to allow users to search for specific games. That means for a good four months or so, users were limited to browsing for games in areas like charts, sales, and recent releases. Naturally, this meant that hundreds, if not thousands, of games were effectively inaccessible to users of the web store - not ideal.

After some site maintenance, it seems Nintendo Australia has finally joined the modern age and implemented search functionality for its digital game catalogue. We've quickly tested it out ourselves; searching for a game will bring up two tabs, Physical Products and Digital Games, so if the site doesn't stock any physical products for a specific game, you can be sure they'll at least have the digital version available.

Nintendo AUS
Image: Nintendo Australia

While it may seem a rather superfluous update for those outside of Australia, we're hopeful this change from Nintendo will alleviate what we imagine to be a frustrating experience on the company's web store.

Let us know if you've tried using Nintendo's Australian web store for digital games recently, and if this new update will improve things for you!