Image: via Twitter (Kirby_JP)

Today is a very important day in the history of the Kirby series. 30 years ago in Japan on 27th April 1992, the pink puff started out in his very first adventure - Kirby's Dream Land on the original Game Boy.

The creator of Kirby was actually Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai, who at the time, worked at HAL Laboratory. To celebrate Kirby's 30th, Sakurai has taken to social media to pay his respect to the lovable character who is been on all sorts of adventures over the years.

Here's a rough translation of what Sakurai had to say, which also includes a fun fact about the original Kirby game's development:

"Today "Kirby of the Stars" is 30 years old. Please continue to get along! The first Kirby clear dance. At the time of development, when I asked the person in charge of sound about the number of frames of clear music, he said, "I don't know." I made it according to the sound while rewinding the clear music recorded on the cassette tape many times."

Kirby's birthday bash is just kicking off - with the recent release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and taking place this August is a special concert:

In addition to Sakurai' message, Kirby's official social channels in Japan are also celebrating his birthday with a message and some special artwork:

"Today is the 30th anniversary of "Kirby of the Stars"! I heard that Kirby and Ephilin will eat "Kurumahobari Cake" in commemoration, so I came to the report! Kirby, please continue to eat a lot of things! We are also supporting your future success!"

Kirby's 30th birthday will technically take place here in the west this August - lining up with the release of Dream Land on Game Boy in North America and Europe.

Feel free to share your own memories of Kirby in the comments below.