Pikachu Background
Image: The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon GO expansion for the hugely popular Pokémon Trading Card Game is out this July, and we've listed all of the sets that you'll be able to pick up when the new cards drop. But yesterday, The Pokémon Company gave us a little look at some of the upcoming cards themselves and, as is to be expected with Pokémon cards, they look decidedly lovely.

The are on these cards puts many different Pokémon in real-life settings, as if you were finding them while playing Pokémon GO. Though we'd be pretty terrified if a life-sized Gyarados was rampaging through our streets with that much water in real life — that could cause a flood!

You'll be able to pick up all of the new sets this summer, and you can visit the official Pokémon website to see what each set comes with. We've gathered the links to each set below for you, along with when they'll be released, so you don't need to go hunting around:

And here's a proper look at some of the cards you'll be getting with these expansions. We hope you enjoy perusing over them, as they're gorgeous:

Will you be picking up any of these Pokémon GO card sets? Why not let us know.

[source pokemon.com, via eurogamer.net]