MH Rise Sunbreak Art
Image: Capcom

In mid-March we had a Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event, which confirmed a release date for the 'massive expansion' along with new footage and reveals. Capcom has been pretty consistent with these online streams, also using them in the past to showcase in-game events and DLC.

If you were thinking another one was due soon, Capcom has now confirmed that it'll be May before the next 'news reveal', which will likely be in the form of another Digital Event or new trailer drops.

As a reminder, the expansion launches on 30th June, with pre-orders available. Also worth noting, again, you'll need to have cleared 7* quest 'Serpent: Goddess of Thunder' (in the hub area) to trigger the expansion content, so if you're still early in Monster Hunter Rise or haven't reached this ending, you still have time.

As always we'll keep an eye on @monsterhunter and the YouTube channel, as in recent weeks there have been smaller details shared, including fresh looks at DLC areas and monsters.