Update [Fri 15th Apr, 2022 19:00 BST]: Since RedDeerGames' reveal yesterday, a Switch eShop page has appeared for Bit Orchard: Animal Valley, along with a release date — 22nd April — and a price tag of $6.99. Make sure you check out the trailer at the top, and catch up on details about the game below.

Original article [Thu 14th Apr, 2022 14:30 BST]: RedDeerGames has announced it will be bringing 2Boone Games' Bit Orchard: Animal Valley to Switch. Made by just one person, Bit Orchard is cosy looking farming sim that takes inspiration from the Game Boy era in the '80s and '90s and pairs the genre down to its simplest, most relaxing form.

The game launched on Steam last year, but given the inspirations of Nintendo's chunky handheld, we think the Switch is a great fit for this cute-looking game. You'll raise an apple orchard and try to make profits to expand your little farm.

Here's a summary of the game straight from RedDeerGames' press release. And look, if "only visible walls" doesn't sell you on this, we don't know what to tell you:

Bit Orchard: Animal Valley is a charming and relaxing, simple pixel art farming adventure with vintage vibes of the 80s and 90s.

This adorable game will appear on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One / Xbox Series S|X later this year thanks to RedDeerGames.

Pull out weeds, plant new apple trees and gather the literal fruits of your labor. With time, you'll discover ways to make your life easier and explore this charming 2D world.

Sell your apples to earn money and improve your orchard. Expand your land and find new secrets. Who knows, maybe you'll make new friends along the way...

Enjoy a trip down memory lane, with stylized 2D graphics, resembling old Game Boy titles. If you love pixel art games, you shouldn't hesitate to try out this charming game.

You’ll hear a few catchy tunes to improve on your adventure. You can swap between tracks, whenever you go back into your room, for some much-needed rest.

- Simple controls
- No invisible walls (only visible ones)
- Great replay value
- A pet rabbit!
- Stylized 2D graphics
- Incredible music track

Take in the sepia tones (and the splashes of rosy-red apples, too) of your future orchard with these lovely screenshots.

This rise in Game Boy-inspired visuals and games is making us feel all nostalgic. Do you think someone will make this into a Game Boy cartridge so we can whip our big grey brick out?

Let us know what you think of Bit Orchard: Animal Valley in the comments!

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