Image: EA

In what we imagine to be the least surprising news for Switch owners, it seems the the upcoming FIFA 23 will include cross-play functionality - just not for the Switch. Players across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox will be able to play together for the first time in the franchise's history, leaving Switch fans to wallow in despair as we no doubt put up with yet another 'Legacy Edition'.

Although nothing has been officially announced at the time of writing, it's also reported that FIFA 23 will include both the men's and women's World Cups, with EA looking to expand its license partnerships to allow for an all-encompassing FIFA experience. Perhaps, if nothing else, we can look forward to this particular addition in the Switch version.

Finally, EA's Hypermotion Technology has reportedly received a significant upgrade. As Xfire states, "the technology has been enhanced tenfold, and now allows the development team to capture animations from real footballers in real matches using stadium cameras, eliminating the need for Xsens suits". Sounds pretty swish!

This all comes in the wake of reports that the FIFA license itself may in fact be dropped, with EA's CEO Andrew Wilson seemingly expressing indifference to the issue. If FIFA 23 does indeed prove to be last game to feature the FIFA brand, it may yet pave the way for a more up-to-date Switch version. Well, we can hope, at least.

Given EA's track record, it's likely we'll find out more about the next entry in the FIFA series this summer.

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