Rune Factory 5 is a little over two weeks away, and new details about the game are trickling out. In a new video (above), Marvelous showcases the player character embarking on various activities with their potential soulmate. Aww.

Your forever partner, whether the same or the opposite sex to your character, can join you while you forge goods, fish for food, or even cook a meal. We're pretty sure all of these things are a recipe for a successful marriage, right?

Rune Factory 5 launches on the Switch on 25th March, and in our hands-on with the game, we had this to say:

"’s nice to see that Rune Factory stuck around and wasn’t another casualty that came with the death of dedicated Nintendo handhelds; we’re happy to report that, so far, this new entry seems like it’ll be every bit as enjoyable as we could’ve hope. On the other hand, Rune Factory 5 also doesn’t feel like a very new game, which is to say that it doesn’t appear like it’ll shake up the genre or series at all."

Rune Factory 5 Cow Riding
Image: Marvelous (XSEED) / Nintendo

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