If you're someone who's just itching something new for your Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, then you'll want to keep an eye on Astebros, a new roguelite that will be making its way to the retro console, along with a digital release on Switch.

The project has been funded via Kickstarter via developer Neofid Studios, with 799 backers pledging $64,476 to surpass the target goal of $50,000 at the time of writing. There are still 10 days left to support the project, with the $20 pledge tier bagging you a digital copy of the game on Switch. Higher pledges are more focused on the physical copies for the Genesis, or you could even design your own NPC or boss, if you're rich enough!

The project is currently targeting an estimated release of March 2023 for the game, but it's looking promising so far. The game can be played with solo or with friends - with the difficulty automatically rebalanced to compensate - and you can choose one of three character types: The Knight, The Ranger, and The Mage. You'll need to experiment with their abilities in order to traverse the 6 randomly-generated stages.

Will you be pledging for a copy of Astebros? Are you going to be opting for a digital copy on Switch, or going the whole hog for a physical copy on the Genesis/Mega Drive? Let us know!

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