Superstar Saga
Image: Nintendo

Cast your mind back to 2003 (we know — yikes, right?) and you might recall a relatively brief commercial for the critically acclaimed RPG Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga for the Game Boy Advance.

The commercial featured footage of a pair of rambunctious kids dressed as our favourite brothers, doing their utmost to cause havoc and mayhem upon one another. [Er, I think you'll find this is archival footage of the young Mario bros. themselves. Some random kids dressed up as Mario and Luigi!? Tsk. - Ed]

Well, it seems that less than half of the filmed footage was used for the final commercial, with 27 seconds left on the cutting room floor. The good news, though, is that the whole lot is now available to view online, and while it doesn't exactly provide any insight into the game itself, it's nevertheless a fun little nugget of history.

Here's the footage, courtesy of Twitter users @Foulowe59 and @MarioBrothBlog:

And here's the original commercial from back in the day:

The game got a 3DS version — Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions — late in that system's life which sadly got a little lost as everyone and their dog moved over to Switch. If you've still got your 3DS, we definitely recommend picking the game up there while you still can!