We all know Super Mario Bros., and we all know Paper Mario - but what if the two collided into a beautiful, origami mash-up?

That's exactly what the fan-made game Super Mario Bros. Papercraft has done, taking the original NES classic and twisting it into a rather delightful 2.5D visual treat. Right now, only the first world is playable, right up to the first encounter with Boswer (and let's be honest, it probably won't be long until Nintendo swings that ban hammer), but it's a wonderful showcase of what can be done with a game that's about as familiar as the inside of your fridge.

We've not tried the game out for ourselves at the time of writing, but from the sound of things, the gameplay might be a bit rough at this stage, with bugs and imprecise jumping putting a dampener on the experience. If anything, though, it makes for a pretty cool thing to just look at (which, funnily enough, you can do with the video above - don't say we don't give you anything).

Let us know in the comments if you're going to give this game a try, and crucially, how it stacks up next to the original!

[source twitter.com, via alphabetagamer.com]